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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


eTDS Return Preparation Software

With effect from June 1, 2003, it has been made mandatory for all corporate entities to file their TDS returns in electronic form (e-TDS returns). Detailed procedures for preparation, verification and filing of these returns are available at NSDL web-site (http://tin.nsdl.com/). These procedures have been published as a "Deductors' Manual" which is freely downloadable from NSDL web-site.

Income Tax Department has notified the file formats for preparation of e-TDS returns. Deductors can prepare the e-TDS returns as per these file formats using in-house software or any other third party software and submit the same to any of the TIN-FCs established by NSDL.

NSDL has developed a free software called 'e-TDS Return Preparation Utility (e- TDS RPU-Light) to facilitate preparation of e-TDS returns. This can be freely downloaded from NSDL web-site.

This is an MS-Excel based utility. Separate utilities are available for preparation of salary return (Form 24), non-salary returns (Form 26 and Form 27). They are:

Detailed instructions for usage of this utility are given partly in the readme.txt attached with the utility as a compressed (zip) file and the remaining in the excel file. The user is advised to read these instructions before the utility is used to prepare the returns. Users may ensure that they download the latest version of the utility (currently ver 3.0) at the time of preparation of returns.

Users may pass output file generated using NSDL e-TDS-RPU through e-TDS File Validation Utility (e-TDS FVU, currently ver 1.17) to ensure format level accuracy of the file. This utility is also freely downloadable from NSDL web-site. In case file contains any errors, user may rectify the same in the excel file itself. After rectifying the errors, user may again pass the rectified file through e-TDS FVU. This process may be continued till an error free file is generated.

This utility has been developed by NSDL for small deductors and returns exceeding 20,000 deductee records should not be prepared using this utility. NSDL does not warrant any accuracy of the output file generated using this facility. All users are advised to use latest FVU from http://tin.nsdl.com/ and check the format level correctness of the file before submitting the same to TIN-FC. In case FVU reports any error in the file, then the users are advised to rectify the same. Further, all are advised to ensure that the e-TDS returns are filed with the TIN-FC before the last date specified by Income Tax Department. Non functioning of this utility cannot be considered as a reason for inability to file the return before the last date

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